Being Taught to Teach

Back at It
January 18, 2012, 3:06 am
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Today was the Winter Retreat for the Mills 2012 credentialing group.  It was quite a long day that left us with many things to think about.  We began our day with a Health/Mainstreaming fair that  was made up of twenty different topics that could fall into this sort of fair, we had everything from child abuse to tobacco use, ADD/ADHD to LGDBQ, vision impairments to behavioral/emotional disturbances.  I must say I am glad we dedicated a chunk of time to these topics, how to address them in our school and classrooms and what resources there might be available.  Although they are not all topics I might be encountering my first year or two of teaching, these are great jumping off points for me to begin looking should I need to research them later.

We hit some major topics throughout the rest of the day too, covering an experience panel on learning disabilities which made me question some of my own young learning and where my anxieties actually stem from and then the sombering discussion of what is required of us as (future) credentialed teachers in the state of California on the topic of child abuse.  A credentialed teacher is “mandated reporter” and must report child abuse if they find there to be a reasonable suspicion.  While, I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that this was something that I would eventually be dealing with, I have been so caught up in learning and teaching, writing papers and reading that this subject sort of fell off my radar.  I’m very glad to have finally touched on it and that we had such a good speaker who was able to answer most of our questions.  Although I am sure it will always be difficult to tackle issues like these when they arise, I am thankful that our program allows us a space to get familiar with the process, ask questions and express our worry over these situations.

And so on these notes I begin the second semester of my credentialing year at Mills.  I am excited to be in  my new placement, nervous about PACT and keeping my eyes and mind open for the…well for all of it.