Being Taught to Teach

Takeover Week Day 1
May 15, 2012, 4:31 am
Filed under: Student Teaching

My Mills classes have come to a close.  I am so glad that I picked this graduate program.  I cannot believe that some programs think a person can be prepared to teach on as little as six weeks of student teaching.  That is not enough.  I have been student teaching since day one of my year long program at Mills and I still don’t feel like that is enough.  I guess it will be tested this week though…the week I have been looking forward to since I heard about it…my full takeover week.  What is a takeover week you ask?  Well, it means that I am the classroom teacher for my first grade class that I have been student teaching in since January.

I am writing this after my very first day of the week.  People keep asking how it went and, well, it went well as far as takeovers go.  Being a student teacher is hard and inauthentic.  It is really difficult to step into someone else’s classroom and try to take charge when students have gotten used to things being taught a particular way.  But overall, it went well.  This is the math lesson that we went through Math Lesson for Monday .

We got through many of the routines that they are used to and I even got to teach a new lesson that is all mine.  I want my students to begin to act, but it is hard when it is something new and kids are shy.  We have been slowly introducing pieces of acting over the course of the last week and a half through morning meeting and modeling.  Today I talked to my students about norms for acting and more specifically for reader’s theater.  I discussed with my class how the most important rule is that we all take care of each other’s feelings because acting is a brave thing and it takes a lot for people to stand in front of other to act.  We came up with a chart of norms for us to follow before my very brave reading group who has been reading the play the Three Little Pigs for a week and a half performed.  The actors explained to the class that reader’s theater is all about acting with our voices.  Then we read our play together.  The audience was captivated.  Although there  were some management issues at the end of the long day, the majority of the class was extremely respectful of my actors and my actors did a wonderful job.  After we finished and took a bow and then reflected on the experience as a class.  Students talked about how it felt to be actors and how it felt to be audience memebers.  At the end the whole class gave me a thumbs up for wanting to try reader’s theater as a class.


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